4 Tips for Staying Healthy While on Vacation

It can be a struggle for anyone to stay healthy while on vacation. I often think of vacation as a time to relax, do nothing, and indulge in some combo of soda, dessert, and alcoholic beverages: all things which I try to limit in my day-to-day life. However, it’s easy to return from a relaxing trip and freak when you see THAT number on the scale staring back at you. Try to follow these tips to avoid that from happening after your next vacation.

  1. Eat in Moderation – For many people on vacation, eating out for every meal is the standard. It can be tempting when dessert is on the menu. Want to order that crème brulee? Go ahead! Just make sure to enjoy it in moderation. Instead of having dessert every night, enjoy the crème brulee one night and fruit or yogurt the next. Treating yourself to a pina colada? Enjoy it poolside, and then switch to another tropical drink with fewer calories like a skinny margarita (hold the sugar rim!) You can still enjoy those special foods and/or drinks, just limit them to a few times throughout the trip, instead of indulging in them at every meal.
  2. Delight in local cuisine– Explore what fruits and vegetables the local cuisine has to offer, and try them out. My husband and I recently went on a trip to St. Maarten where we bought coconuts from vendors on the beach. They cracked them open for us to drink the water, and then scooped out the coconut meat for us to eat. It was a lot healthier snack than the french fries being served at the beachside café, plus it made for a memorable experience. If you’re vacationing close to water, make sure to try out any of the local seafoodm a healthier option over red meat or fried foods (as long as it’s not soaked in butter!)
  3. Get out and see the sights – If you’re heading somewhere with lots to see, choose to walk or roll between sights instead of cabbing it or hopping on a tour bus. It may be easier to do it that way, but this way you’ll be moving those muscles and getting some exercise.
  4. Take part in local activities – It doesn’t matter where you vacation; there will always be some kind of activity you can take part in. At the beach there’s snorkeling, surfing, or paddle boarding. AccesSurf in Hawaii offers adaptive surfing events monthly. In the mountains you could try rock climbing or hiking. If you’re vacationing in a city, rent a bicycle to ride around the streets and check out the sights. And always keep an eye out for activities off the beaten path. On a recent international vacation, my sister and I tracked down a local yoga class on the beach. It was refreshing to do something different outside of the usual beach activity. If you’re looking for adaptive activities, visit Disabled Sports USA’s website. They keep a tally of all kinds of events around the country occurring throughout the year. Check out their event calendar prior to leaving for vacation to see if there are any events or activities going on in the locale you’re visiting.
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