A Comprehensive Guide to Staying Safe (and Sane) During Snowmageddon

Mother Nature is not on our side. We have left her voice mails, pleading for an end to this snow, but she has yet to return our calls. We tried Tweeting at her, but nothing. And our letter writing campaign? Nada. Point is, despite our greatest efforts, snow continues to fall in Philadelphia — and more is on the way.

To help you stay safe (and sane) during what is being dubbed as Snowmaggedon, we have compiled our best tips and tricks for handling winter weather. We also threw in a cat video or two. That’s the staying sane part.

How to Shovel Snow (Without a Trip to the Hospital): Shoveling snow is one of the most common causes of back injuries during the winter months. Our Ortho Day Rehab director Mary shares her tips.

Taking on Snow & Ice in a ProstheticLearn how to take on the snow and ice in a prosthetic leg with tips from the Amputee OT.

Winter Wheelin’: Practical Tips for Wheelchair Use in Wintry Weather: For wheelchair users, snow is a major obstacle. PT Deb offers practical tips for using your chair in snow and ice.

Put Jack Frost in His Place: Staying Safe This WinterPT Julie offers her tips for keeping you safe in slippery conditions.

A video of a cat riding a skateboard: Because, come on, you need a little entertainment today!

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