A Lifeline for a Lifetime: Magee’s Outpatient Physician Practice


The Magee Outpatient Physician Practice staff

When you enter the doors of Magee’s main hospital, you could almost miss it. But just to the left of the front desk lives a lifeline for many patients: the Magee Outpatient Physician Practice. Previously known as the Gaspar Center in memory of beloved Magee physician Victoria Gaspar, the Outpatient Physician Practice is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for follow-up appointments, medications, and a multitude of services, catering to the highly complex needs of people with disabilities.

“When patients leave the hospital, they’re usually happy to go home, but they might not be sure where to turn with their questions,” Practice Manager Karen Fried says. “That’s where we come in.”

Karen is a certified rehabilitation registered nurse (CRRN) with extensive administrative experience both at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and previously at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. She met her husband, Magee’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Guy Fried, many years ago while running the rehab unit at Jefferson. She is particularly proud of the nurses and physicians staffing her team today.

“The nurse-physician partnerships we have are outstanding,” Karen says. Patients benefit from Magee’s team of certified rehab nurses, all experienced in the various complications that can occur in patients with lifelong disabilities.

Rounding out the Outpatient Physician Practice staff are a certified nursing assistant, a case manager, and a team of front desk representatives.

More than just a doctor’s office, the Outpatient Physician Practice provides follow-up visits to all Magee inpatients and also is where many of Magee’s quality post-discharge programs are located, including the SCI Lifetime Follow-Up Clinic, the SCI Medical Home, the Amputee Clinic, the Pain Clinic, and the Concussion Clinic.

“Our patients are Magee patients for life, and we are here for them. Even if they haven’t been here in years,” Karen says. “Sometimes things are going well for a long time, and we don’t hear from someone. They’re busy with life, and that’s a good thing! But we still want them to know that we are always there for them.”

Magee Outpatient Physician Practice offers a full spectrum of services for people with disabilities, no matter where they may have received inpatient treatment, including:

•         Amputee Clinic
•         Case management
•         Comprehensive Outpatient Evaluation
•         Concussion Clinic
•         Disability paperwork
•         Equipment and supply management
•         Lifetime follow-up care for all disabilities
•         Medication management
•         Nursing
•         Pain management
•         Patient and family education and support
•         Prescription refills
•         Spasticity management
•         Spinal Cord Injury Medical Home
•         Urology
•         Wound care

To make an appointment or speak with a professional at the Magee Outpatient Physician Practice, please call 215-587-3406.


**In Photo (L-R): The Magee Outpatient Physician Practice staff, pictured left to right: Jeffrey Miller, BSN, RN, CRRN, Outpatient Nurse Clinician; Karen Fried, MSN, RN, CRRN, Outpatient Clinic Manager; Vernice Wooden, MSSA, LSW, Case Management Continuum of Care Supervisor; Deidre Douglas, Outpatient Service Representative; Christina Fritzinger, BS Ed, BSN, RN, Outpatient Nurse Clinician; Angela Tate, Outpatient Service Representative; Renee Blackson, Outpatient Service Representative; Cori Wright, BSN, RN, Outpatient Nurse Clinician; Bianca Beatty, BSN, RN, Outpatient Nurse Clinician; Darlene Goldstein, Certified Nursing Assistant; Donae Williams, Outpatient Service Representative.

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