Adil’s Story: Morrocco’s First Wheelchair Tennis Athlete Plays for the Magee Freedoms

Many of you know that Magee sponsors athletes in tennis, racing, rugby, and basketball, but did you know that being a Magee patient is not a requirement to be part of a team? You simply have to have a permanent disability and live in the community.

In today’s blog, we spotlight one of our newest athletes, Adil Boutahli. Adil found Magee’s wheelchair sports program through an untraditional path. In fact, wheelchair tennis is so rare in his native country of Morocco, that he is the first person from that country ever to play the sport. Adil may be new to both tennis and the disability lifestyle, but his competitive nature and tenacity is clear every time he hits the court. Read more about Adil’s remarkable story in Morocco World News.

The Magee Freedoms Wheelchair Tennis Team practices each Sunday at the Cherry Hill Racquet Club, 1820 Old Cuthbert Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.  We are always looking for new players and volunteers. If interested, please contact Keith Newerla at 215-587-3412.

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