All Too Often, We Forget to Say Thanks

17 years ago, Mark Chilutti was working the counter of the jewelry store he owned when two men robbed him at gunpoint. He gave them what they wanted, but as they were leaving, one of the men turned around and shot him. Mark, now the Assistant VP of Development at Magee, reminds us that all too often, we forget to say thanks. Here’s his story.

Mark in front of his jewelry store

Mark in front of his jewelry store

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 17 years since a gunman’s bullet changed my life. I remember it like it was yesterday, and continue to be grateful for the quick actions of a handful of people that day. As we approach Thanksgiving, a day on which we are supposed to give thanks, I thought I’d extend my thanks, once again, to each of them.

There were a lot of people that were just “doing their job,”  not thinking about the impact they were making on my life, or, that things they did helped to save my life. But I will never forget them.

I think about the bike cop, Charlie, who patrolled Frankford Avenue everyday, and was the first police officer to respond, finding me on the floor yelling for help. I think about the quick decision of all of the police officers who were on the scene to take me to the hospital right away, since I was losing a lot of blood. I think of Joe, the guy from the used car lot next door who held the door open while I was being carried out to the police car. And, I think about how lucky I was to have this sharp young trauma surgeon, Dr. Paul Curcillo, who happened to just be the doc working when I landed by helicopter at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital that day.

That good fortune continued at Magee where I had a dedicated team of people there to help me learn how I would move forward in life. All of the doctors, nurses, and therapists that I had were amazing. I also think about people like Teresia, a rehab attendant who went above and beyond to help me with the things that weren’t so pleasant, like getting washed, dressed, and dealing with bathroom issues. She was helping me in ways that were often more important than any of the medical care I received, and she did it with a smile!

Mark speaking at a Magee event

Mark speaking at a Magee event

Sometimes people just go about their business, doing their job, never thinking about or realizing the impact they make on others, or, in my case, realizing that the quick decision that they made may have saved a life. I am fortunate that I get to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things here at Magee everyday, because that is what we are all about.

It’s been an amazing 17 year journey, and, I couldn’t let Thanksgiving pass without saying thanks to some of the people who made a big difference in my life at a very bad time.

I bet that you probably have someone who made a difference in your life, too. Maybe in a small way, or maybe in a big way. If you haven’t done it before, please be sure to take a minute to thank them. They, too, might just have been going about their business, but, to know that someone appreciates what they did will keep them doing what they do.

We want to know – who are you thankful for this holiday?


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