Angel Flight East Sets Spirits Soaring

Angel Flight East (AFE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the community by facilitating free air transportation for children and adults with medical conditions who need to get to treatment far from home.

Compassion flights are another service offered AFE.  Compassion flights include travel to see a loved one in treatment, flights for veterans, etc.

In August, Angel Flight East received a call from Robert who lives in Frederick, MD and wanted to travel to Evansville, IN to see his brother who was very sick and also visit with his sister.  Robert had not seen his brother or sister in over 15 years.  Angel Flight East teamed up with Lifeline Pilots to fly Robert from Maryland to Indiana to visit his brother and sister.  Robert called the AFE office after his flights and could not stop talking about how great the experience was.

To request a flight, volunteer, or learn more about Angel Flight East, click here.

Pictured L to R: AFE pilot Ken, Robert, and Lifeline Pilots Paula and Mary
Courtesy: Angel Flight East

Guest author: Ellen Williams, Executive Director, Angel Flight East

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