Ask a Peer: Let’s Go to the Beach!

Ah, summertime. While there are lots of ways to spend your sunny days this time of year, there’s just nothing quite like a day at the beach. But for people with mobility issues, a day at the beach may not always be, well, a day at the beach. We asked our Peer Mentors to share some of their tips for navigating our local beaches. Here’s what they had to say:

Planning and research is the best way to go… and timing helps, too.  

Atlantic City has ramps, and a lot of places to roll into.

Walk down by the water where the sand is wet. It is easier walking, and since the sand is so soft, taking a fall is not so scary. Use a 4 point cane if you walk. 

Remember to be careful of the heat — it can get you!

My best beach experiences as an above knee amputee are when it’s cooler out (not peak summer hot) and I’m able to keep my leg on.

Beaches that aren’t that big are better…. you don’t have to travel too far to get out there.  

harder packed sand is better than the soft sand beaches.  Just after a rain is great!  

One of our peers provided a link to Ocean City, NJ’s beach information where you can find accessibility information. There are a few different options for getting around on the beach, as well as what beaches are accessible and where the accessible bathrooms are located.

For even more tips for navigating local beaches with a disability, check out some of our past blog posts here, here and here.

As you can see, there are many different options for getting around on the beach with a wheelchair and there’s even more beyond this post. Last week there was a post on Tankchair, a wheelchair that can handle anything from Mother Nature. And here’s a link to options for Beach Wheelchairs by the National Spinal Cord Association.

So what are your tips for wheelchair use at the beach? What beaches are the most accessible in your area?

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