Ask a Peer: Wheelchair Accessible Trails

I’m looking for info on accessible trails.  Anyone know the best places to take my everyday chair ‘off road’ without having an all-terrain chair?

You don’t have to have an all-terrain wheelchair to enjoy the trails. There are many places to go with a wheelchair off road without an all-terrain wheelchair.   We asked our peers for recommendations in the Delaware Valley area – here’s what they had to say:

  •  “French Creek State Park in Berks County on the opposite side of Hopewell Lake by the pool that meander through the woods and leading back to the dam with spectacular views.  There are accessible picnic tables and bathrooms on the routes, too. “
  • “”There’s Black Rock Sanctuary in Phoenixville area .:
  • “Go on this website put out by DCNR called Explore PA Trails.  Look for the trails with the blue ‘handicap insignia.'”
  • “There’s a website called for PA.  All these trails are “accessible” and located mostly in the woods and along scenic rivers.”
  •  “One more resource I use if you want to go camping, fishing, hunting or sight seeing is DCNR’s PA State Parks. Scroll through the sites and look for the blue handicap sign within all the activities in each state park.  We have camped at many of these parks. Camping, fishing, riding the trails, all with my wheelchair.”
  • Ridley Creek State Park in DelCo is great.  They have a 5 mile multi-use paved loop for walkers and bikers that takes you through woods and can with views of a running creek, adjacent farmer’s fields and nature preserves.  Great outdoor pavilions for grilling and family activities most reachable by car.  Even have functioning horse stables to tour.”
  • “There’s a trail at Blue Marsh Lake Bernville, PA. It’s a really nice trail.”
  • Core Creek State Park in Bucks County is very nice and has paved roads that people share with cars – not really off-road,but very naturish. The Wissahickon at Valley Green (Chestnut Hill) is a bridal path for runners, horses(walking) and bikes.  A little bumpy, but very doable in manual or power. Be prepared for dust, though.”

In case you didn’t find what you were looking for, here is a list of more trails and resources to help you book your next off-road adventure:

Do you have any more trails or resources to add? Let us know!

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