Big Van No More: Meet The Kenguru

For many people in wheelchairs, transportation is a challenge, especially for those with bigger, heavier wheelchairs. The typical thought process for people is that the size and weight of your wheelchair goes hand in hand with the size of the car that you need. But what if I told you that times were changing, and that you, or those you know, may not need to drive around in the Family Guy/A-Team van anymore? So, what’s the alternative? It’s a Kenguru, and I’m not talking about the ones you find hopping around Sydney and Melbourne.

The Kenguru is a one-person, electronic car, driven directly from a wheelchair. You access the car by a rear-opening tailgate and steer the vehicle via handle bars like a bicycle. The battery takes 8 hours to completely charge, can travel a distance of 60 miles, and has a max speed of 25 mph.

The Kenguru is limited to secondary roads but is perfect for city driving or a short distance to work. While the Kenguru is not in production just yet, it’s estimated that the vehicle will cost about $25,000 and will be available in both white and yellow. In the future, the company wants to develop a joystick model for power chair users.

For more information on the Kenguru, click here.


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