At the Car Wash: Patient Works with OT to Relearn His Favorite Household Task

If the car on Segal Street in the Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens looks extra bright and shiny, that’s because it recently got some TLC from a Magee patient.

Dennis Bruff came to Magee after a T12 incomplete spinal cord injury from a skydiving accident. While working in therapy on the 6th floor, he walked past the car and told his occupational therapist, Maggie Emaus, and her mentor, Amy Flemming, how he used to work on his truck a lot and wanted to be able to do things, like wash his truck, again. Maggie and Amy asked maintenance if it would be possible for Dennis to wash the Segal Street car, and they said sure.

Pictured are Dennis and Maggie washing the car (right) and Dennis with the finished product (above.)

To learn more about the Spinal Cord Injury Program at Magee, click here

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