Case Management Week: Spotlight on Case Manager Trisha Hicks

Trisha Hicks, Magee case manager

This week is National Case Management Week, and the theme for 2017 is Case Management: Exceptional People. Exceptional Care. To celebrate, we’re shining a spotlight on one Magee’s own case managers. Meet Trisha Hicks!

Ashley Loftus (AL): How long have you worked at Magee as a case manager?

Trisha Hicks (TH): I started as an intern on the spinal cord injury unit six years ago while I was still in grad school. I was fortunate that another case manager was retiring when I graduated and was lucky to get hired as a full time case manager on the brain injury unit. I primarily work with brain injury and spinal cord injury patients and their families. 

AL: What aspect of case management attracted you to the field?

TH: I like the interdisciplinary nature of the work. As a case manager, I see my role as working in the present but keeping the bigger picture in mind. What will happen after this patient leaves Magee? What are their goals in life? How can I help get them primed to succeed as they transition onto the next step? 

AL: Apart from your case management role, what other things are you involved with at Magee?

TH: I am also the sexuality educator for the hospital, running education groups, offering individual and couples counseling, and conducting ongoing staff training. I am involved in a few larger organizations, such as the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals. I present regularly at local and national conferences on sexuality and disability and recently co-wrote chapters published in two textbooks on the topic. I am also a peer reviewer for the Sexuality and Disability Journal. 

AL: Why do you think case management is so important in the medical setting?

TH: I think that there are lots of details involved in medical care and having a trained person to help patients and families navigate the healthcare system can be very beneficial and improve health outcomes. 

AL: Tell us one of your favorite things about working as a case manager at Magee.

TH: Halloween is my favorite time of year at Magee since most of the staff dress up. We love (and encourage) patients to dress up, too! 

AL: What do you think of this year’s National Case Management Week theme: Exceptional People. Exceptional Care.?

TH: It definitely fits. I consider myself lucky to work alongside such compassionate, smart, and resourceful case managers. It takes a special set of skills to coordinate the many moving pieces that are involved in case management. 

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