Checking in with Steven Quigley

For many people, this time of year evokes warm memories and fuzzy feelings. For Steven Quigley, it reminds him of something else. It was this week two years ago that Steven was attacked while hailing a cab home. He survived, but not without harm. When he awoke in the hospital, he realized he was unable to move anything below his shoulders. He sustained a C7 spinal cord injury, and was classified as having quadriplegia.

IMG_2050After emergency surgery and a lengthy stay in the hospital, Steven came to Magee in February 2012 to begin his rehabilitation. And while it wasn’t easy, he never let negativity get the best of him.

“I believed in a way back from day one,” he said. “Never did negativity enter my mind, I was only positive from day one. Of course, it was and is not easy – it all comes with extremely hard work, dedication and sacrifice. [My] proudest moment during rehab was when I realized that my body was healing and getting better. It happened slowly, but surely over time. ”

After a stay as an inpatient, Steven transitioned to Magee’s Riverfront Outpatient Center where he continued his work with Locomotor Training – and it has made a remarkable difference in his recovery.

“I am now able to live on my own and that is a big accomplishment,” he said. “I am also one step away from starting to stand with a walker. The doctors and staff at Magee are world class.”

Steven’s recovery has been remarkable, and he has some advice for all those who are newly injured.

“Have in your mind what it is you wish to do as far as recovery, set a plan, work the plan and do it,” he said. “Nothing comes without big sacrifice and hard work. Miracles happen, but for most, recovery only comes from extreme hard work. Imagine it, and then do it.”

Two Decembers ago, Steven’s life changed. And thanks to his hard work and dedication, it is changing still today.

You can learn more about Steven’s story and his effort to fund raise for his therapy here:

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