Co-op Corner: Meet the Newest Members of Team Magee!

Magee Rehabilitation is a community oriented facility that strives to be engaged not only with its patients but with the entire Philadelphia Area and beyond. One of the most integrated ways Magee accomplishes this is through a partnership with Drexel University and its Cooperative Opportunity Program. The Co-op Program takes students out of the classroom and into the real world, to give hands on experience in their field of interest to hopefully set them apart from other college graduates. This program is not just a part-time internship. Rather, students spend six to 18 months being full time employees at an organization related to theiraspirations. Magee acts as one of the thousands of global facilities that Drexel is partnered with to place students in the Co-op program.

What’s special about the Co-op experience Magee is that it does not limit the applicants to one field but can place them in a myriad of departments, suiting their skill set. From Clinical Nursing to Guest Relations to Dining Services to Public Relations, Magee seems to have something for everyone. The process to earn a position is very similar to any hiring process. Students send resumes to employers, and then interview requests from the employers are sent out. Interview formats can range from quick phone calls to multiple session group interviews (I’m looking at you, Google.) Finally, there is an intense matching process between all employers and applicants almost like March Madness, but in the end, dreams are made.

In today’s blog, we’d like to introduce you to some of the extremely accomplished, supportive (not to mention good looking) new Drexel Co-ops that have become an integral part of Magee’s Volunteer force. First up, here’s the Clinical Nursing Co-ops. Let’s get to know a little more about them.

Drexel Clinical Coop Sahira Iqbal

Sahira Iqbal

What do you do at Magee?
I am a clinical co-op. I assist staff in the nursing station on weekends.

Why did you choose Magee for your co-op?
I chose to work at Magee because I am interested in nerves and the brain, so a rehab hospital is a great place to see that in action. I was also interested in working here after hearing all the different therapies offered to patients.

 What do you hope to gain from this experience?
From working at Magee, I hope to learn how to better work with people, how to get a task done, and I hope to learn how to interact with patients better.

 Drexel Clinical Coop Anjali SivendraAnjali Sivendra

What do you do at Magee?
Like Sahira, I’m a clinical co-op. On weekdays, we can work on a variety of projects, such as the informational skin care cards we made for doctors to carry. We also devote time to the Gaspar outpatient center and assist the staff in entering patient prescriptions, calling for follow ups, and filing.

Why did you choose Magee for your co-op? 
Magee is a hospital like no other. There is not just one focus in the healing process; Magee treats the mind, body, and spirit. It is in every sense holistic and that is what drew me to this co-op. I really wanted to be a part of a facility that focuses on the human not just the illness.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
I hope I gain a greater sense of what it means to be a doctor and care giver. I want to meet new people, especially the patients, and learn from their stories. Overall, I just want to grow and find even greater motivation to pursue the path I am on.

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