Disability Employment Awareness Month: Penn Grad Launches Startup

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month.  Started in 1945 as a week-long initiative to employ the physically handicapped, in 1962 it changed to cover all disabilities and expanded to a month in 1988 by Congress.

The theme this year is “Who I Am.”  It showcases individuals who are not defined by their disabilities.When faced with living with a disability, it is up to the individual to decide how they are going to deal with it.  Keep going and roll with the changes, or roll over and let life pass you by.  It may be the toughest choice to make.

At one of the hardest moments of his life, Tim Dugan decided to launch his own startup, a math homework app called Numo.  His story is inspirational.  Tim says there are two things that working through his disability has taught him. One is that, with a disability, you may not be able to do things the same way, but they can be done.  And two, life goes on!  You live each day the best you are able.

From experience, it isn’t always easy.  It isn’t always pretty.  But when everything falls into place, it is good!

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