Disability Resources on Twitter

Who said you can’t learn anything in 140 characters or less? Well, it certainly wasn’t us! Here at Magee, we like to stay up to date not only on the latest therapies and technology, but also on the latest news and stories from people who are showing others how to believe in a way back. From world news to local success stories to how-to videos on adaptive living, these are a few of Magee’s favorite Twitter resources for staying up to date on issues impacting people living with disabilities.

SPINALpedia // @SPINALpedia
SPINALpedia is an online community of people affected by paralysis collaborating with videos and experiences to adapt to life with altered mobility. If you’re looking for personal stories and how-to videos, this is the place to go! The information they provide is incredibly useful, and the stories are diverse and powerful.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation // @ReeveFoundation
Everyone knows what a great resource the Reeve Foundation is for people living with paralysis and their families – and their Twitter feed is just as useful. They share personal stories, the latest research in paralysis, and tips and advice for wheelchair users.

Able Magazine // @ablemag
This is the Twitter feed for the UK’s top disability lifestyle magazine. Their feed covers a variety of topics related to disability, including social issues, personal stories and the latest research. They are also a great resource for an international perspective.

New Mobility // @newmobilitymag
New Mobility is a very cool lifestyle magazine for wheelchair users, and their Twitter feed is just as cool. Their tweets focus on education, work, travel, art, sex, parenting and much more.

BrainLine // @brainline
BrainLine shares all things traumatic brain injury. Their tweets address advocacy, news and information for survivors, friends, families, caregivers and professionals. They also provide great tips and advice. Additionally, they have a special military-focused feed at @brainlinemil.

Disability.gov // @disabilitygov
This is the Twitter feed for the federal government’s website for information on disability policies, programs and services nationwide. They provide excellent information on civil rights, independent living, education and employment issues for people living with disabilities.

This is not a comprehensive list – if we listed all the valuable disability resources on Twitter, you would be scrolling through this blog post all day! So we want to know: what are some of your favorite disability resources on Twitter? Who should we be following?

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