DIY Accessibility: Turning Trash Into a Helping Hand

Playing a card game with one hand seems about as frustrating as dealing with 76 during rush hour. Many stroke, brain injury, amputee or spinal cord injury survivors experience challenges with fine motor control and the use of both hands.  If you or your loved one falls into this category you may be left asking, “So what can be done?” Sure, there are many stores that sell adaptive equipment, but there is a much cheaper and greener solution to this problem. All it takes is a quick look into your recycling bin!

Making slight changes to everyday items can prevent you from shelling out money for pre-made accessibility devices. Not to mention, by reusing items you are helping do you part in the go green effort. So don’t say goodbye to your days of UNO, Rummy or Poker. Just take a look at some of these ideas and find out which works best for you!

The Pool Noodle Method

useAll you need is a pool noodle and a bread knife to make this great card holder. Cut the noodle down to 15 inches, then slice it length-wise. With the curved edge up, slice again length-wise just a quarter inch into the noodle — then, voila! Check out the full instructions on Adapting Creatively.

The CD Method

pinochleWho doesn’t have a lot of CDs laying around? Gluing a couple together makes a great (and shiny!) card holder! Check out the full instructions on Adapting Creatively.

The Lid Method

IMG_1021Got a lid you’re just going to throw away? Keep it! Cut it in half and staple at the bottom. Keeps the cards nice and snug. Check out the full instructions on Many Makings.

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