Dr. George Donates Lobby Artwork

Beautiful artwork created by former Magee patient Dr. James George has put the finishing touches on the latest upgrades to the hospital: our newly renovated lobby. Bright, colorful, and awesome are just some of the ways people have described this exhibit.

Dr. George discovered his appreciation of art and love of painting many years before he became a patient at Magee. As a very busy doctor who specialized in emergency medicine, it offered him a way to relax and escape the busy work schedule he kept. Little did he know that art would play an even bigger part in his life after a spinal cord injury changed everything.

Last year, Dr. George fell in his home, and suddenly he was headed to the same emergency room where he had spent countless hours as a doctor. When asked what it was like to go from being the doctor in charge of care to being the patient needing care, Dr. George smiled and said, “Once I fired myself from my own care team and let them do their job, things got a lot better.”

When ready to move to a rehabilitation hospital, Dr. George found a new home on the 5th floor at Magee, ultimately leaving six months later with the title of “Mayor.” Early in his stay at Magee, he met Art Therapist Julie Nolan and quickly became a fan. With his dominant, right hand affected by his injury, Dr. George wasn’t sure if making art would still be a part of his life, but after experimenting with his left hand, he quickly found that he could still make colorful and bold works of art, a style of painting he loved.

Julie really enjoyed working with Dr. George, and the volume of art he was creating now helps fill a beautiful space in Magee’s newly renovated lobby.

“The energetic and vibrant nature of his artwork is a reflection of Dr. George’s passion for life and the positive impact he has on those around him,” Julie says. “He was happy to share his art with others, and the lobby is a perfect place to show off what’s possible for all of our patients.”

“I am thrilled to be able to display my artwork at Magee,” Dr. George says. “I hope that other patients will see it and know that anything is possible, if you want it to be. I am grateful to Julie, the entire Magee staff, and everyone who helps to make the Art Therapy program possible.” He concluded his remarks at the event saying, “I hope this is just the beginning of patients’ art gracing the halls of Magee!”

If you are visiting Magee, or happen to be nearby in Center City, please stop by and enjoy this beautiful display of what’s truly possible when you BELIEVE!

To learn more about Art Therapy at Magee, click here

The Art Therapy program at Magee is generously supported by The Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation, The Drumcliff Foundation, The Gray Charitable Trust, The Hassel Foundation, The Hess Foundation, and by individual donors.

Photo: Art Therapist Julie Nolan and Dr. Jim George at his art exhibit in the main hospital lobby

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