Dr. James George Gives His Time, Talent and Treasures to Support Magee


Dr. James George and Julie Nolan, Magee Art Therapist

While an inpatient at Magee, recovering from both a brain injury and a spinal cord injury, Dr. James George spent a great deal of time painting with Art Therapist Julie Nolan. Dr. George had been a painter before his injury, but now he needed to figure out how to do it a little differently, as his dominant arm was partially paralyzed. It didn’t take long to figure this out, and the bright colors were soon flowing across the paper.

After his discharge, Dr. George quickly became involved with Magee by joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council and attending the Night of Champions fundraiser. Shortly after that, Dr. George became involved in a project to transform the hospital lobby by providing 12 pieces of art to be displayed on the walls. His signature vibrant colors have brought a warm and welcoming feeling to all who enter Magee.

In the fall of 2017, Dr. George was nominated to become a Trustee of the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation Board and has been actively engaged in many projects since that time.

“Dr. George brings a wealth of experience to the board and we are delighted to have him actively involved with us,” Board Chairman Bill Conrad says. “As a former patient who is also a doctor and attorney, he provides guidance in many ways. All of us can learn from him.” Dr. George also serves as a Board Member of the Adam Taliaferro Foundation.

When it was decided that patient art would be featured prominently in Magee’s 2nd floor renovation, in each new room and in the hallways, Dr. George’s art was among the pieces selected for this project. Dr. George says he is proud to share his art and hopes it will inspire others to realize what’s possible for them as they recover.

“Art Therapy helped me through a challenging time and showed me that I could still do the things I love to do, even if I had to do them differently,” Dr. George says. “Magee gave so much to me, and my art is just one way I hope I can repay them for the great care I received.”

Everyone at Magee is grateful to have Dr. George as a valuable volunteer member of Team Magee and appreciate all of the time, talent, and treasures he shares so generously.

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