Dreams, Designs and a Plan: Magee’s Creative Therapy Center and Healing Garden

First, we had a dream. Then, we had a design. And now, with your help, we have a plan.

To enhance patient care, Magee is building a Creative Therapy Center and Healing Garden on our sixth floor rooftop—and it will be unlike anything we’ve ever had here at Magee. It is the creative vision of former patients and family members, as well as therapists who deliver care on a daily basis. This diverse team worked with landscape designers and other specialists, including the Philadelphia Horticultural Society, to create a plan that will truly transform the way care is delivered.

We are proud and excited to share with you the ways we will transform the patient to provide a better experience for patients, family members, and staff. Here are just a few of the highlights of our plan.

Raised beds-new 2013 fall planting twoThe Avenue. This new accessible pathway will lead patients, family members and staff through therapy areas, gardens and activity spaces. We will bring care out of the gyms and on to the rooftop. The Avenue will feature a fountain and trickling water sculpture, small kinetic sculptures powered by wind and wind chimes, an outdoor fireplace, as well as planters and flower beds. Along The Avenue, patients, family members and guests will have the opportunity to explore and participate in group activities and therapy programs or find solace in the private gardens.

Art Therapy Studio & Gallery. More than 200 patients each year participate in art therapy in various locations throughout the hospital. Our new Art Therapy Studio will create an open, bright and welcoming space that will enable patients to express their feelings through art in a warm, light-filled, studio. Led by a full-time, certified art therapist, patients will be able to participate in individual or group sessions where they can increase self-confidence, improve concentration skills, and express their feelings through the beauty of art. The Art Therapy Gallery will showcase works by current and former patients. It will provide hope and inspiration to many as they see what is possible.

Spirituality Center & Meditation Garden. For patients and families dealing with a traumatic injury or illness, a quiet space for reflection provides a haven for retreat and solitude. The indoor Spirituality Center will be welcoming to people of all faiths, and will feature a stained glass window, soft lighting, comfortable space for wheelchairs and other seating. The outdoor partner of the Spirituality Center will be the Meditation Garden. This solemn space will provide peace and tranquility as patients, family members and staff reflect and share time together in a contemplative area outside of the typical clinical setting.

Healing Gardens. Lush greenery, flowers and plants will provide beautifully refreshing spaces for physical and occupational therapists to work with patients outdoors in the natural sunlight. This garden and therapy area, in the center of the West wall, will include different sized gardens, each with an individual style and surrounding. Patients will work on balance and strengthening, and other life-enhancing skills while enjoying the fresh air.

Pretty cool, huh? We think so, too! To make this dream a reality, we need your help. Here are just a few things you can do:

  • Gift prospect – connect us to someone who can help in a significant way
  • Door opener – introduce us to a foundation trustee (family or private foundation) or company who would like to be involved in the project
  • Join our campaign steering committee

For more information or to learn how you can support this project, contact the Magee Development Department at (215) 587-3090 or healinggarden@mageerehab.org


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