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From Trauma to Triumph: Jessica’s Story

I was Jessica’s speech therapist during her rehab at Magee after she had a stroke. Her positivity and motivation were inspiring. She wrote this blog to reflect on her progress during and after her rehab experience.

My name is Jessica Henry. I am married to David Henry, and together we have two children, Samuel and Elizabeth. I am an educator by profession, a Christian, and an author. My family and I are originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I came to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital because I had a stroke which affected the parietal lobe which controls awareness, memory, pain/sensation, and other cognitive skills. Fortunately, I only had challenges with sensation, body awareness, and use of my right hand and foot. But my symptoms were further complicated by what my doctors described as an auto-immune disease.

I was admitted to three different hospitals before going to Magee for rehabilitation. My experience at Magee was life-changing. They not only rehabilitate you physically, but they cater to the whole person: the mental, spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs. They encourage you to participate in art, music, and recreational therapies through which I unearthed and learned new skills.

The staff at Magee are absolutely amazing and genuinely caring. Their ability to motivate patients and make us feel we can do the impossible is phenomenal. No wonder their mantras is ‘Believe.’ For anyone who has had a stroke or a brain injury and is trying to decide on a rehab hospital, I highly recommend Magee. Once you are there, have a positive outlook and believe you will succeed. The staff and especially the therapists will give you maximum support, but you have to work hard to achieve your desired goals. That is what I did with the support of my family and Magee’s staff. They helped me to overcome my fear of trying to walk again.

Today, I am more independent and doing things I was not capable of doing before. My experience at Magee has inspired and motivated me to accomplish many things I always wanted to do, thanks to Magee, my faith, and family.

To learn more about the Stroke Program at Magee, click here.

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