Get to Know Jim, Believe in a Way Back Photo Contest Finalist

A little over a month ago, Magee invited all patients and former patients to share photos of themselves engaging in activities they never thought they would be able to do again after their illness or injury for our first Believe in a Way Back Photo Contest. The photos and stories we received were incredible – truly. 

After narrowing down the contestants from 32 to 9 to 4, we are now in the final round. Today, we’re going to introduce you to our two finalists as they share how they were able to believe in a way back.

Meet Jim Eckert

Jim Eckert

 Why did you choose the photo you submitted?

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury and a stroke, (not sure which came first), my critical condition was both heartbreaking and traumatic to my family. My wife and kids turned into my life support system. The significance of this picture is that after months of walking with assistance, I am now walking independently with my entire family surrounding me with love and support.

What advice would you have for someone who has just had a stroke or TBI?

After my traumatic brain injury and stroke in September 2012, I believe my acceptance of my condition and very hard work put me on the road to recovery. When I had the opportunity to consult with a patient in this similar condition and his family, I told him to accept his abilities, have faith in his support system, and keep his chin up.

What would winning this contest mean to you?

Winning this contest would give me the opportunity to thank everyone, friends, family and complete strangers, for their love, prayers and support – for myself and my family – during this trying time in our lives. It will also allow me to represent Magee Rehabilitation after they saved me. My whole life, I’ve been a competitive winner, and winning this competition would show that even after my injury – I still got it! At Magee, I received service with a smile at all times. I believe this, along with prayers, was the best medicine I could have received. As you can see, I am smiling in this picture and will be smiling all the way to the finish line.

The winner of the Believe in a Way Back Photo Contest will be featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Magee’s Can Do magazine. Click here to vote for Jim!

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