Happy 56th Anniversary, Magee!

Fifty-six years ago, on March 9, 1958, Magee Rehabilitation changed healthcare in Philadelphia by admitting its first patient. Let’s see how far we’ve come…

059Today, 56 years later, Magee provides rehabilitative care to over 2,700 individuals each year at the Hospital and three outpatient facilities! Throughout the years, Magee has been able to offer more patient programs each year such as horticultural therapy, art therapy, facility dog program, peer mentors, adaptive technology, and much more. All of these programs are supported solely by contributions.

But that’s not all… Our growth does not end at patient and community programs. Since its opening, Magee has flourished into a 96-bed specialty hospital, housing an exceptional staff, state-of-the-art technology, and cutting-edge resources! The 6th floor of Magee has transformed into a place of solace for our patients as it houses a Patient Resource Center, Segal Street, the McSherry Greenhouse, and soon-to-be Creative Therapy Center and Healing Garden!

Donations at Work - Art TherapyHowever, one thing that hasn’t changed is our Can Do attitude. Thinking back 56 years, Jules Epstein, the second patient ever admitted to Magee, believed that “Intelligent decisions made following a life-changing event can still result in a lifetime of purpose.” We still cherish that mentality today.

As a non-profit, charitable hospital, Magee’s growth and success relies on donations to help our patients achieve better outcomes.  Contributed support helps Magee purchase new equipment, send staff for continuing education, provide art, horticultural and recreation therapy, operate the outpatient Gaspar Center, manage wheelchair sports programs, and much more!

To support Magee and its programs, please contact giving@mageerehab.org or click here to make your gift today.


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