Happy National Dog Day! Meet Magee’s Facility Dog Joey

It’s National Dog Day, so of course all of us at Magee are showing some love for Facility Dog, Joey!

While many health care facilities may have animals visit with patients, these animals are generally handled by volunteers and are not used to help patients meet specific, planned treatment goals. Through Magee’s Facility Dog program, Joey works side by side with health and human service professionals to engage patients in sessions designed to improve functional outcomes, stimulate healing and recovery, and provide comfort and unconditional love. Patients’ sessions with Joey, who is highly trained and educated, are goal-directed, and functional outcomes are measured, recorded, and documented.

Joey is a Golden Retriever and Black Lab mix, and below is a slideshow of her working with Magee patients. Magee established its Facility Dog program through the support of the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation.

If you are interested in donating to the Facility Dog Program at Magee, please contact giving@mageerehab.org.











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