Happy National Nurses Week!

May 6 – 12 is National Nurses Week! Nursing in rehabilitation is a specialty practice. While professional rehabilitation nursing practice is guided by philosophy, theory and research and can be practiced in any setting. At Magee, nurses specifically focus on identifying and treating patients who are experiencing actual or potential problems relative to altered functional abilities and lifestyles. The major focus areas include all body systems but primarily concentrate on elimination patterns, medication administration, emergency response, skin integrity, pain management, rest and comfort measures, and nutrition. As with most other disciplines in the rehab setting, nurses are guided by specific nursing theories. Thanks to the nurse theorists such as Nightingale, King, Orem, Rogers, and Hall, nurses apply the tenets of those theories to assess self-care needs and determine the best nursing plan of care in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team.

I thought it would interesting to share some data about our nursing workforce.

  • 133 individuals are licensed as a RN or LPN at Magee. This workforce represents 21% of Magee’s total workforce. Additionally, we have 65 certified nursing assistants working in nursing services supporting those nurses. In sum, nursing represents 31% of Magee’s total workforce.
  • 37 RNs are currently certified in rehabilitation nursing (CRRN).
  • 56 RNs are certified in advanced cardiac life support.
  • 87 RNs are trained and competency verified in ventilator management/care.
  • 61 nursing staff are certified in crisis prevention intervention.

Let’s take some extra time this week to celebrate the incredible contributions of our nursing team. How has a Magee nurse helped you?

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