Happy Veterans Day: Magee Vet Competes in Triumph Games

Veterans Day is dedicated to all of those who have served our country over the years, and it gives the general public a chance to say thank you to those who have had a part in allowing us to enjoy our freedom.

In this blog we recognize Sean Johnson, a former Magee patient, current Magee wheelchair tennis player, and former Psychiatry (Mental Health) Specialist in the US Air Force. Sean will be featured in a reality game show called the Triumph Games, which airs tonight, Wednesday, November 11, on CBS Sports Network at  7 PM and 10 PM EST. 

I asked Sean a few questions about his experience, and this is what he had to say. 

Keith Newerla: What exactly is the Triumph Games?

10390205_1675158026048306_768262477973759864_n_headshotSean Johnson: The Triumph Games brings together 12 veterans with disabilities who are national and international medal-winning athletes. They compete in a new kind of sports and entertainment competition.  The athletes bring their physical, mental, and competitive skills to three rounds of competition, where they go beyond their comfort zones and are tested in unfamiliar environments that showcase their strength, depth of courage, and resilience.  The veteran athletes compete in a triathlon/obstacle course, gaming, and a motor sport challenge.

KN: What was it like training for the Triumph Games?

SJ: Training for the Triumph Games was a grueling test of mental and physical fortitude. We began our training at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute which hosts top athletes and business executives from across the country.

KN: What was your favorite event to compete in during the Triumph Games and why?

SJ: My favorite event was the Motorsports Racing! We completed a three-lap race in the powerful Mustang Roush. I love to drive and loved going as fast as I could even more!

The Triumph Games showcase the tenacity and heart of our veterans. Thank a vet today. And remember to cheer on Sean at the Triumph Games tonight on CBS Sports Network.  Good luck, Sean! We hope you bring home the $100,000 grand prize.


Photos: https://www.facebook.com/Sean-Johnson-1673664512864324/


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