Health at Your Fingertips: 4 Download-Worthy Nutrition Apps

Making small changes in your lifestyle and diet may seem difficult at first. But chances are, you already have a secret weapon in your pocket — your smartphone. It’s not all Angry Birds and Candy Crush — using technology is a great way to help you reach your personal nutrition and health-related goals.

There are tons of new health and fitness apps out on the market, many of them free. Choose apps based on facts NOT fads. Not sure which ones to choose? Here is a list of top-rated apps for those looking to eat healthier, monitor weight, manage diabetes or learn more about nutrition.


my-fitness-pal-iphone-app-review-diaryMy Fitness Pal
for iPhone , Android, Blackberry & Windows
Cost: Free

My Fitness Pal is aimed towards helping you monitor your weight and track fitness goals. After entering your height, weight, sex, age and activity level, you will be given a rough estimate of the amount of calories that you need to help you reach your goals!  This app is great for helping you stay on track by having you record what you eat and how much you exercise each day. The app has a barcode scanner that you can easily scan some of the items you have eaten for a faster and fun way to record what you have eaten. There is also a nutrient analysis that is great for helping you reach your nutrient needs.



for iPhone & Android
Cost: Free

“Fooducate is like having a dietitian on speed dial.” Fooducate lets you scan barcodes while you are shopping, for an instant food rating based on health value. Ratings are ranged from A to D with A being the healthiest – the app also provides an alternative product with a poor health rating and also provides a comparison – side-by-side.



screen480x480 (1) Glucose Buddy
for iPhone 
Cost: Free

This user-friendly app allows you to easily keep track of blood glucose levels, medications and food intake in the palm of your hand. Glucose Buddy is a great app for people with diabetes or newly diagnosed diabetics. Users are able to track data which can then provide a visual graph of blood sugar trends showing avergage, high and low levels. Often times it may be difficult to get a handle on blood sugar control – use this app and share the information with your doctor, certified diabetes educator etc.



screen568x568Healthy Out
for iPhone  & Android
Cost: Free

“Turn your bad habit into a good one” is this app’s motto.  Healthy out uses your location to find restaurant items that fit your “nutrition preferences.” Nutrition preferences range from low-carb to heart healthy and once selected, a variety of different restaurants with different menu options.  Use this app to help guide you in choosing healthier menu options while you are dining out!

We want to hear from you! What other health and nutrition apps are you using? How would you rate them?

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