How Family Life Changes After a Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury doesn’t only affect the injured person — it impacts the entire family. Relationships can change, and the transition can be difficult. But difficult does not mean impossible. is a website designed to provide Internet-based information and support for people with spinal cord injuries and the members of their families. The site has tons of great information for families direct from those who have experienced it first hand. FacingDisability stopped by Magee to meet with our physicians, former patients and their family members to get advice on how to navigate the family dynamic post-injury.

Magee’s clinical psychologist Dr. Nancy Rosenberg works with people who have sustained SCI and their families to help them cope with the injury and navigate changes in their relationships.  In the following videos, she answers some common questions about family life post-injury.

How do families usually develop an understanding of a spinal cord injury and what it means?


What family coping strategies work best?



How does the image of a family member change after a spinal cord injury?



How about feelings of resentment and frustration among non-injured family members?


What is the single best piece of advice you have for creating good family relationships after a spinal cord injury?

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