Husband Starts Accessible Tech Company Inspired by Wife

Ever wonder what could be possible if you had access to all the resources in the world? Well SunKirb could help answer that question for many people living with disabilities. SunKirb Ideas was developed to help individuals with physical disabilities become more independent within the home and work setting. The co-founders, Suria Nordin and Kirby Smith, know what it is like first hand to overcome the obstacles that life can put in your way. Suria experienced an injury in July 2014 resulting in quadriplegia. Upon returning home, she and her husband, Kirby, realized that changes would have to be made in order for her to be able to actively engage in her day-to-day activities.

Kirby’s background as a technology executive provided the perfect resources to explore the options available to Suria to increase her independence. After adapting their home and Suria’s workplace, Kirby is now hoping to extend his services to other individuals in the community. Connecting people with the resources that best meet their needs in the most affordable way possible is the mission of Sunkirb. Whether working on finding the right resources, installing the appropriate products, or learning how to use advanced technology, SunKirb can help. For more information, visit their website. You can also read this recent feature in the Wall Street Journal.

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