International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2013

Today, we are celebrating a very special day: International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

So what is International Day of Persons with Disabilities? It is a day to raise awareness of those with disabilities and help improve the conditions and rights of disabled persons all over the world. This year’s theme is “Break Barriers, Open Doors: For an inclusive society and development for all.”  We like it!

How is International Day of Persons with Disabilities being celebrated around the world?  It’s being celebrated in a variety of ways, from  art exhibitions and talent shows to protests and demonstrations.  A lot of universities, organizations and communities are having information sessions to raise awareness for people with disabilities.

Some universities are getting very creative with the activities they have planned for today and are really tying their activities to the theme “Break Barriers, Open Doors.” In the United Kingdom, Edge Hill University is giving wheelchair tours. This will give non-disabled persons a feel for how to get around in a wheelchair and to raise awareness for those who use wheelchairs in their daily routine.  Syracuse University College of Law in the United States will be leaving all of their interior doors open with a note on each door explaining why the doors should be left open and the importance of spreading awareness of disability rights.

How can you celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities? It’s pretty simple! Be on the look out for programs and discussions going on to celebrate this special day.  If you are not sure on how to participate or feel you do not know how to participate, have no fear! Use social media as an outlet to raise awareness with hashtags #thisability and #IDPD.

Here are a few websites that will help keep you up to date with all the happenings with is International Day of Persons with Disabilities:

United Nations Enable

United Nations Enable Facebook

United Nations Enable Twitter

Have a happy International Day of Persons with Disabilities! And don’t forget, you can break barriers and open doors!

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