July Wellness Triumph: Dean’s Story

Each month, the Health & Wellness Center at Magee Riverfront honors one of its clients as the “Wellness Triumph of the Month.” Today, meet Dean.

In May of 2014, Dean suffered a thoracic spinal cord injury through an infection caused by a tiny cut on his hand. After months of inpatient and outpatient therapy at Magee, he joined the Wellness Center in March of 2015. While in wellness, Dean uses the Equalizer to work on his upper body, the Nustep for cardio, and walks with a walker on the overhead track. His goal for the year is to walk enough laps to beat his walking wellness partner, Mary Lou. Dean is an IT guy who works for a company that provides computer support. He is also a big fan of music. When asked if he has any advice for fellow wellness members, Dean says, “Never give up.”

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