Magee Cancer Committee Visits “Brain Lab” at Cooper

Magee’s Cancer Care Committee recently had the opportunity to visit Dr. Russell Buono’s brain lab at Cooper Medical School in Camden, NJ. Dr. Buono (also known as “Dr. Brain Dude”) is a renowned science educator and researcher in molecular biology and genetics of the human brain and diseases. His enthusiasm for his work is apparent and contagious. We looked at brains with different pathologies including cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Buono also showed us animal brains such as a cat, dolphin, horse, and squirrel. Below is a picture of the committee with Dr. Buono displaying brain without injury and a brain with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Cancer Care Committee is a group of individuals from various disciplines throughout Magee who are dedicated to providing optimal rehabilitative care for individuals with brain tumors and cancer. For more information on this committee or to provide feedback, please contact Ranit Lieberman at

To learn more about the Brain Injury Program at Magee, click here


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