Magee Creates Accessible Travel Video with Southwest Airlines

A while back, the Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Department at Magee had an idea to create a travel video for people with disabilities, showing that it is possible to travel by plane using a wheelchair. With the help of Southwest Airlines, the TSA, and Philadelphia International Airport, we were able to do just that.

This project took three years to complete with endless discussions on how to create an authentic “day in the life” of a traveler with a disability. This video could not have been done without the help of former patient Josh Jones. Josh agreed to be the actor in our video to show others that possibilities are endless after sustaining a physical injury.

The travel video was designed to be used as an educational tool in Magee’s inpatient and outpatient facilities to provide patients and caregivers with knowledge of leisure opportunities. We hope it will allow all people to know there is life after injury. Share this video to encourage others to explore the world!

Thank you to former patient Josh Jones; recreational therapists Tracy Agostinho and Colleen McAllister; registered nurse Joann Rudi; Pete Uzat of Southwest Airlines; Lynn Oliver and Kimberly Masso of the Transportation Security Administration; Diane Gerace of Philadelphia International Airport; and videographer Al Green of Flat World Media Productions. 

Photo: Team Magee behind-the-scenes on set at Philadelphia International Airport

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