Magee Patients’ Artwork Showcased at Villanova Gallery

On Friday, Feb. 2, Villanova University opened an art exhibit, Expressions and Impressions: Artists Living with Disabilities, at its gallery in the Connelly Center. A reception was held at the gallery to celebrate the artists on the show’s opening night.  

The exhibit is meant to showcase more than 100 works of art—including paintings, photographs, sculpture and other media—by people who are living with disabilities throughout the Philadelphia area. Magee was one of five organizations asked to provide beautiful artwork created by patients, and among those Magee artists are Glen Dick, Dr. James George, Fred Dulling, Domenico “Nick” Lazzaro, Roland Steinemann and Robert DiGiambattista. These artists, as well as several Magee staff members, attended the reception.

Since their implementation, creative therapeutic services have been very successful at Magee. Julie Nolan, MA, ATR, an art therapist at the hospital, helps patients work toward their rehabilitative goals as they heal both their bodies and minds.

“The act of creating art can serve as a living metaphor or representation of a person’s resilience, as well as the ability they maintain despite what abilities might have been lost,” Julie said. “In some cases, those exploring art for the first time in their adult lives learn of a skill they didn’t know they had or were capable of developing.”

If you would like to support Magee’s patients by attending the show, this exhibit is open to the public and runs through Monday, March 26.  For more information regarding the show, please click here to visit the gallery’s website.

To learn more about art therapy at Magee, please click here.

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