Magee PTs Celebrate PT Month with Community Service

As physical therapists at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, we have the opportunity to work with an outstanding rehabilitation team to assist our patients and their families through some of the most challenging times in their lives. Each day we come to work at a place where, as a team, we can make a difference. We wear multiple hats: coaches, motivators, cheerleaders, teachers, confidantes, and teammates. It is a pleasure to work with such motivated individuals on a daily basis, knowing that we all strive to do our very best for our patients. Magee Rehabilitation Hospital is a rare place that includes some of the hardest working, knowledgeable, and positive people. I truly feel that the culture that exists here and the dedication to our patients and their families are what make us unique.

At the center of the profession of physical therapy are the Core Values set by the APTA. One of the core values is Altruism and providing pro-bono services to those in the community of need of our skills. Widener University’s Institute of Physical Therapy has developed a completely student-run pro-bono physical therapy clinic that serves the under and uninsured residents of the Chester community and the surrounding area. Here, the physical therapy students provide care to these patients with the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. I could not think of a better place in which to instill the culture that we embrace so strongly here at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital than at this clinic.

Over the course of the October (PT Month,) Magee Physical Therapists dedicated their time after work hours to help mentor these students. Students were assisted with developing their clinical reasoning skills, documentation, treatment plans, and patient interaction. However, I feel that the best lesson that was taught was setting the example that the primary way one becomes a great clinician is through compassion and dedication for what we do. I am grateful, thankful, and proud to be a physical therapist and part of this team.

Happy PT Month!

Guest author: Christopher M. Carroll PT, DPT, Senior Physical Therapist, SCI Unit

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