Magee/Jefferson Neuro Residency Program is Accredited

I’ve worked at Magee for nearly the past 20 years, and this I know: We have big dreams and more passion for our vision than I could possibly relay. We strive to provide exemplary clinical care that sets a world community standard for excellence in the areas of neurologic rehabilitation, and we are known as a national leader in this arena. What is less known, however, is our commitment to not only providing exceptional patient experiences at Magee, but to also being an institution that shares our advanced knowledge and skill to improve care provided to individuals with neurologic injury across the country and around the globe.

In our ongoing efforts to fulfill that commitment, Magee, in conjunction with Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Hospital , set out to establish a neurological residency program for practicing Physical Therapists.  After two years of development, the Thomas Jefferson University and Magee Rehabilitation Neurologic Residency Program has received official accreditation by the  American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education.

The main goal of the residency program is to develop care providers with highly advanced skills in the field of Neurologic Physical Therapy to meet the needs of society.  Through the duration of the program, Physical Therapists practice and are clinically mentored by experts throughout the continuum of care; from the ICU at Jefferson Hospital to Inpatient Rehabilitation at Magee, all the way through outpatient venues. They spend substantial time learning cutting edge technologies as well as the most current evidence-based approaches to treatment.

Upon completion of the program, the residents will be academically and clinically prepared to pass the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialist (ABPTS) Neurologic Clinical Specialist Examination.  The Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS) designation provides formal recognition for PT’s with advanced clinical knowledge, expertise, and skills in neurologic practice and assists consumers and the health care community in identifying these physical therapists.

Magee is extremely proud to currently have 22 PT’s on staff with board-certified specialist certification in the area of Neurology.  With only approximately 2,000 PT’s with board certification in Neurology in the entire country, and approximately 150 in Pennsylvania, we are especially proud to have so many experts in one place.

With the establishment of the new residency program, our hope is develop many more clinical specialists with an advanced set of skills enabling them to better serve, improve care, and advocate for individuals with neurologic disorders.

For more information regarding the Thomas Jefferson University and Magee Rehabilitation Neurologic Residency Program, click here.

Photo: Lisa Coyle, PT, DPT, NCS  with a patient on the Vector Gait & Safety System®

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