Magee’s Patient and Family Advisory Council Enters 5th Year

Magee’s Patient and Family Advisory Council includes patients and their family members who volunteer their time to provide feedback and ideas to Magee’s administrative leadership and front-line staff. The mission of the council is to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities by helping foster and continually improve the culture of patient-and family-centered care at Magee. The council is comprised of a diverse group of 6-10 patients and family members who represent a variety of clinical experiences, along with 6-10 staff members representing administrative and clinical areas. The council meetings focus primarily on the patient and family experience, with the intent to identify what works well and should not be changed as well as what can be improved at Magee.  Typical topics include the admission and discharge processes, care delivery by the various clinical departments, and additional services that patients and families receive. 

Since the council’s first meeting at Magee in 2013, 32 former patients have served as active members of the council. “Our Patient and Family Advisory Council has played an essential role in providing feedback and ideas related to new processes and renovations to the facility,” said Marci Ruediger, Magee’s director of performance improvement and council co-facilitator. “Five years after its inception, the group continues to evolve and create a positive impact on the operations of the organization.”

Members have provided valuable feedback about the psychology, marketing, finance and dining services departments; the Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens; the renovations to the 5th floor family room; and front desk Visitor Management processes.

“As we move into 2017, we are actively recruiting new members. The Council focus early in the year will be on the admissions and discharge processes,” said Meg Rider, Magee’s Guest Relations and Volunteer Services Manager and co-facilitator of the group.

If you are interested in learning more about Magee’s PFAC, please contact Marci Ruediger at or 215–587–3454. Please complete the application here.

For a brief history of the Patient Advisory Council, click here

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