Meet EQUAL: The New Car Just for Wheelchair Users

20131225155400-equal_front_openIt’s one of those ideas that makes us all scratch our heads and wonder why we didn’t think of it sooner. Instead of adapting cars designed for able-bodied people for those with disabilities, one company is designing a car specifically for wheelchair users.

Absolute Design, group of Croatian automotive designers, are currently crowdfunding support for their latest idea: the EQUAL. The EQUAL is a small, electric city car designed specifically for wheelchair users that allows an incredibly easy in and out process. What’s really different about this car is the entry system. The car’s back hatch opens up to a reveal a wheelchair ramp, allowing the driver to enter without transferring. Once inside, it gets even cooler. From the Absolute Design website:

The interior is ergonomically designed with a disabled person in mind. The driving system consists of an adjustable steering wheel with a spinner knob for easier one-hand steering and of the Autoadapt Carospeed Menox, an intuitive hand control device that is used to accelerate or brake which has all the functions integrated in one place. Sides of the interior are designed carefully and with style in mind; with rails and handles that the person uses to enter and exit the car. Also there are places, easily accessible, for placing things like small bags, backpacks, etc.

Right now, the EQUAL is just in the idea stage. Absolute Design is currently crowdfunding support to build a prototype and get the cars in production. You can learn more and donate here. Check out the video below to see the EQUAL in action. Let us know what you think. Would you give it a test drive? 

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