Anne, Maggie and Brent Beerley at Magee

Moose’s Fund for Magee Patients Continues to Make a Difference

In its first year, Moose’s Fund for Magee Patients has helped 65 Magee patients in need. This fund, established by the Beerley Family in 2017 in memory of former Magee patient George “Moose” Beerley, helps patients after their discharge with things that help them get re-engaged in life like ramps and lifts, therapy scholarships, transportation to outpatient therapy, assistive technology needs for younger patients, and other things that truly make the transition back home better.

Moose had been a patient at Magee many times and often heard the challenges and struggles that patients and their families were dealing with. He shared these concerns with his wife Anne, daughter Maggie, and son Brent. After he passed away, his family reached out to Assistant Vice President of Development Mark Chilutti to talk about ways that they could help. And, in its first year, they truly have!

Everyone on Team Magee works with our patients to enable them to return home and get back to life after a traumatic injury or illness brings them to Magee. But, sometimes, they can’t enter or move about their homes safely, and this is just one of the ways that Moose’s Fund has helped. Sarah Myer, who leads Magee’s case managers, said: “It has been so nice to be able to help families in ways that we couldn’t before, thanks to Moose’s Fund. In the first year, it has made a significant impact for our patients and their families.”

For 2018, Moose’s Fund for Magee Patients will continue to help in many of the same ways, and it has added a few new things like assisting patients with adaptive driving equipment that will help them get back on the road to work or school.

We are grateful to the Beerley Family for continuing to help our patients and the significant impact Moose’s Fund for Magee patients has made.

If you or your family would like to learn how you can help Magee patients, please contact Mark Chilutti, Assistant Vice President of Development, at 215-587-3226 or

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