National Occupational Therapy Month

A message from Magee’s President and CEO Jack Carroll.

If you’ve ever visited Magee, been on our Facebook page or website, or ridden a Philadelphia bus, you have probably seen the phrase “BELIEVE in a way back.” While it may just seem like a catchy phrase, to everyone here, it means something much more. An illness or injury that requires rehabilitation can be life-changing. You may think there is no way to return to the life you enjoyed living. But our occupational therapists are here to show you how.

April is National Occupational Therapy Month, a time for us to recognize those individuals that help us believe in a way back every day. So what is occupational therapy, exactly? What do occupational therapists do? OTs help people participate in things they want and need to do as part of a full life through the therapeutic use of daily activities. Let’s say you enjoy cooking, but now have limited use of your hands due a stroke or spinal cord injury. Our OTs will teach you how to use adaptive tools, help you build strength and regain movement, all with the primary purpose of getting you back to what you love.

All month long, we’ll be spotlighting several occupational therapists here at Magee, and how they are helping our patients live their lives to the fullest. But we want to hear from you, too! If you or a loved one have ever been to Magee and worked with an outstanding OT that you think needs some love, let us know. Leave a comment and tell us how they helped you.

In the meantime, be sure to take some time this month to thank all the OTs in your life. I’ll start. I would like to offer my sincerest thank you to each and every OT at Magee. You help us all truly believe in a way back.

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