Never Give Up: Kelly’s Story

Recent patient Kelly Adair of Northeast Philadelphia, a 46-year-old stroke survivor, tells us her story and how she suffered her stroke while her husband was having a heart attack. Sadly, Kelly’s husband did not survive. As Kelly’s speech therapist, I was incredibly inspired by her strength and spirit. I hope you are, too.

Melissa Katz: Tell us a little about yourself.

Kelly Adair: I like watching wrestling and scary movies, and I love animals. I’m always volunteering to babysit my nieces and nephews. I also like to volunteer in general to help people out. Every Sunday, I pick up my husband’s friend to drive to our house to watch football.

MK: What do you remember about your stroke?

KA: I had a stroke at home while giving CPR to my husband. The paramedics came to my house. I knew I was having a stroke. My right arm dropped down, and I had to pick it up to move it over. I tried talking to the rescue team, but no one could understand me. At the hospital, I was able to take medicine to stop the stroke.

MK: What advice would you give to other people who have had a stroke/brain injury?

KA: I constantly try to move and do exercises to get better. Sometimes the therapists get more excited than I do, when I accomplish something new in therapy. Never give up. If you’re tired and they ask you to do something, just try your best to keep going, even if you’re tired or sore. Try to keep your spirits up!

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