One Week Left to Enter the Trick Your Ride Halloween Costume Contest!

There is only ONE WEEK left to show off your creativity and enter Magee and SPINALpedia‘s  online costume contest just for people who use assistive devices. You don’t need to be a former patient to enter, or a member of SPINALpedia. You just have to use a wheelchair, crutches, cane or other assistive device – and creatively incorporate into your costume, of course!

Here’s how it will work. You submit your photo via the contest entry page, and give us the skinny on your costume. On Monday, October 28, your photos will be posted in special albums on the SPINALpedia and Magee Facebook pages. Here’s the really cool part. We don’t pick the winners – you do. To vote for a photo, simply like it – and get your friends and family to do the same! And we’ve got a trick to give you a treat – you can vote on both pages. Double the votes, double the boil and bubble!

So put that creativity to work! You have until October 27 to submit your entry.

Click HERE to enter!

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