Ramping Up: How Philly Residents Can Report Needed ADA Curb Ramps

Do you need curb ramps in your neighborhood?


Do you see curb ramps that look like this?


Or this?


We all want our curb ramps to look like this:


We know how important it is to have curb ramps that are smooth, unobstructed, and don’t look like ski slopes. Philadelphia residents have the opportunity to tell the city which crumbling ramps need to be fixed and where new ramps should be installed.

The Philadelphia Streets Department is partnering with the Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities to identify ADA curb ramp locations that need upgrades, as well as locations where there is a need for a ramp. A website has been created that allows residents to provide detailed information on these locations. Click here to make your report or request. You can also contact the Streets Department Customer Affairs Information helpline at 215-686-5560 for assistance and further accommodations. Upon submission of your request, a confirmation number will be assigned for your records.

The Streets Department says that all ADA partner curb ramp requests will be investigated, and a determination will be made based upon the greatest need.

Please take the time to look around your neighborhood and make your needs heard!

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