Spring has sprung and soon a Healing Garden on the roof will, too!

Happy first day of spring! With the snowy weather outside this morning, we are all looking forward to spending more time outdoors once it warms up. Our patients LOVE to get outside of the typical hospital setting, too, and we are about to embark upon a great project to enable them to do just that.

Magee is already well known for having a car, curb cuts, a manhole cover, and other real-life city scenarios, so that patients can practice what it’s like to be out in the “real world” before leaving here. But our plans to build a Creative Therapy Center and Healing Gardens takes the rooftop to a whole new level and will truly transform the way that care is delivered to our patients.

Our plans call for creating awesome things like:

  • an Art Therapy Studio and Gallery to provide a “home” for this great program
  • a Spirituality Center & Meditation Garden to provide quiet spaces for patients, families, and staff
  • a Three Seasons Therapy Area to take physical and occupational therapy out of the typical hospital setting and into the great outdoors
  • multiple Healing Gardens, each a different size and theme, where patients and families can enjoy plants, flowers, and sun
  • major revisions to Segal Street, including a new car, new curb cuts, four different surfaces to practice on, a ramp, and a porch lift
  • Windows to the City (pictured below) will enable patients and guests to have a great, unrestricted view of the city skyline, instead of looking at a big brick wall

Glass Wall to the City

The total cost of the project is $4 million, and this is a very big undertaking for our small hospital. We are relying upon philanthropic support from the community to help us reach our $2 million fundraising goal. I am pleased to tell you that we are more than halfway there, with $1.1 million raised to date!

Since blog stories are meant to be short, I hope I have given you just enough that you want to learn more. If I was successful, please send an email to healinggarden@mageerehab.org. We’d love to tell you more about this project and ways that you can help support it. You can also learn more by visiting the Magee website here.


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