Take the Fitness Challenge

This time of year, we begin to think of the warmer weather and outdoor activities.  It’s also the time we think about getting back into shape after our winter fitness hibernation, and how we can shed those extra pounds by Memorial Day.  At Magee, we’re holding the 2nd Annual Spring Fitness Challenge.

Participants can sign-up and join teams, and will individually track and report their exercise efforts each week.  Each team has a captain who motivates and encourages them to stay on track by sending weekly reminders and health tips. The group that won (the 2nd floor at the Main Hospital) got a tasty healthy lunch catered by our Dining Services department. Magee occupational therapists Brian Comly and Gina Cooke managed our first fitness challenge last spring—and they’re excited to do it again. “We are doing this again this year for the fun of competition, as well as helping all of us get a little more fit,” said Comly.

But you don’t have to be a Magee employee to get in on the fitness fun! It’s also easy for other non-profits, businesses, and groups of friends to launch their own fitness challenge.  Get up, get out and get motivated to get healthy.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Decide how long your challenge will run—Magee does 10 weeks.
  • Designate someone to keep track of weekly totals.
  • Weekly scores are calculated by total number of units for each person on the team divided by the number of people who initially stated they would like to participate.
  • 15 minutes of exercise is one unit, and you can track a maximum of 8 units a day.
  • You are responsible for tracking your own units and reporting them to whomever you designate. It’s an honors system, people! Don’t cheat yourself.

If you’ve implemented a fitness challenge at your workplace or among your group of friends, we’d like to hear about it! We’ll keep your posted on our progress, and please keep us updated on yours.

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