Taking On Snow & Ice in a Prosthetic

Have you meet Christina Stephens, the AmputeeOT? No? Well, you SHOULD! We just discovered her YouTube channel and are completely blown away by the amount of cool tips and tricks she shares for fellow amputees. She posts a new video every Wednesday on tons of topics ranging from how to dye your stump socks to product reviews to making a prosthetic leg out of Legos (yeah, you read that right).

She recently shared a video that is super relevant to all of us here on the East Coast and other parts of the country that are getting bombarded with the dreaded wintry mix: how to get around in the snow and ice with a prosthetic leg. In the video, she offers tips for different scenarios, and even includes a demo of how to get back up if you fall down.

Check it out! Do you have any tips to add?

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