Team Magee Presents at APTA in New Orleans

11 members of Magee’s Physical Therapy team recently returned from New Orleans “all jazzed up” after attending the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting (APTACSM). The conference–held from Feb. 21 to 24–brought together more than 17,000 physical therapists from across the country. At the largest APTACSM event to date, the nation’s top researchers, clinicians and educators were present to share the latest information in their specialty areas.

Six Magee physical therapists were honored at the ABPTS recognition ceremony.

This year, at the opening Recognition Ceremony, six Magee physical therapists were recognized for obtaining their board certification in Neurology from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists (ABPTS). These six team members join 15 other Magee physical therapists with the clinical designation of Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS):

Christopher Carroll

Lisa Coyle

Rachael Houtman

Kristen Miller

Holly Thiedeman

Megan Watson


The NCS credential provides formal recognition for physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, expertise and skills in Neurologic practice. It also lets consumers and the health care community identify physical therapists with this level of expertise. Magee is also home to board certified clinical specialists in the areas of Orthopedics and Geriatrics

The Magee team not only attended the conference to be recognized and to learn, but also to teach! This year, Team Magee was once again present to share its expertise in a variety of sections, including the Section on Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management; the Health Policy and Administration Section; and The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy. 

Elizabeth Watson and Erin O’Donnell presented their poster at the APTACSM.

Therapy Supervisor Elizabeth Watson and SCI Advanced Clinician Erin O’Donnell presented a poster entitled: “So Many Toys, So Little Time… How Do You Choose? A Case Report.”  At Magee, we are immensely fortunate to have the technology and equipment available to provide early weight bearing and mobility in our patients, such as the Lokomat, the Vector Gait and Safety System and the Ekso. Liz and Erin’s poster helps to provide a framework for the decision-making process as it relates to the many weight-bearing interventions that clinicians have to choose from. 

Director of Performance Excellence Marci Ruediger and SCI Therapy Manager Amy Bratta presented a platform presentation entitled: Innovations in Pressure Injury Prevention and Management: Lessons from SCI Rehab.”  The session focused on Magee’s efforts to stop pressure ulcers and highlighted the key multidisciplinary discoveries and innovations that led to a significant reduction in serious, hospital-acquired pressure ulcers in highly complex patients (such as those with a spinal cord injury.) 

The faculty team for the LAMP Institute for Leadership in Physical Therapy.

Deb Kucera, Magee’s Director of Therapy, was part of the faculty team for the LAMP Institute for Leadership in Physical Therapy, which provided a two-day pre-conference course for personal and advanced leadership development. The team helps develop leaders in Physical Therapy throughout the country through the Institute’s Certificate in Leadership Development program. The LAMP team also presented “LAMP Catalyst TED-Style Talks: Leadership Lessons from the Front Lines of Physical Therapy” to a packed house, where Deb spoke on the topic of “Grit and Vulnerability:  The Unlikely Combo for Leadership Success.” 

Magee’s Physical Therapy team is thankful for the ability to participate in this event each year, and looks forward to continued opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise with others in the future.

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