Team Magee Presents at Brain Injury Summit in Colorado

Every three years, physicians, researchers, psychologists, therapists and nurses from across the country and from all practice areas (acute care, surgery, radiology, rehabilitation) gather to learn, collaborate and discuss the most current research, evidence-based practice and hot topics in the treatment of brain injury at the Brain Injury Summit in Colorado. This year, the conference was held over four days from January 7-10, 2018.

There was a multitude of discussions on accurate diagnosis and prediction of recovery, importance of sleep in the brain injury population, science and evidence of clinical practice, disorders of consciousness, diagnosis and treatment of encephalopathy, music therapy, oculomotor intervention and how to get clients access to acute rehabilitation (such as that provided by Magee) from acute care versus a lower level of care.

Magee therapy clinicians, Paula Bonsall, MS, OTR/L, ATP; Brian Comly, MS, OTR/L; Ranit Lieberman, PT, DPT; Rebecca Wagner, MS, OTR/L; and Kathy Vojtko, Psy.D, were among the professionals who attended the conference to share their clinical knowledge of best practices as well as to learn new strategies and techniques to treat clients. The Magee team presented poster presentations on vision, upper extremity splint progression and cancer rehabilitation.

Bonsall’s poster, The Use of Prisms in Treating Visual Deficits Post Stroke and Brian Injury: Interdisciplinary Approach Over Four Years, discussed results from Magee’s vision clinic and how they use prism to resolve visual impairments. Wagner and Bonsall’s poster, Progression of Splints for the Neurological Upper Extremity, discussed the result of a small quantitative study on how splints are changed to treat the upper extremity post-stroke and brain injury. Lieberman, Comly and Vojtko’s poster, Interdisciplinary Management: Patients with Brain Tumors in the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting, discussed how the Magee team implements an interdisciplinary and client center approach to the care related to their diagnosis of cancer.

To learn more about Magee’s rehabilitative services for brain injury, click here.

Guest author: Paula Bonsall, MS, OTR/L, ATP, Therapy Supervisor, Neuro-Rehabilitation Center (NRC)

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