Team Magee Talks Tech in Rehab Management Magazine

The October issue of Rehab Management magazine features an article written by Team Magee members Rosemarie Battiato, PT, MPT; Dina Mastrogiovanni, OTR/L, ATP; and Elizabeth Watson, PT, DPT, NCS. Their story titled “The Wide Net of Functional Recovery” explores how Magee utilizes technology to rebuild motor function across a varied patient population as those patients move toward discharge. Highlights include Magee’s Smart Room (pictured) with adaptive technologies for daily living, the bodyweight support treadmill in Magee’s Locomotor Training Program, and the Ekso, a bionic suit designed to allow individuals with lower-extremity weakness or paralysis to stand and walk.

These cutting-edge advances in technology give patients the hope of reaching their goals in a way that was not available five to 10 years ago. Read the full article here.

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