This #GivingTuesday, Help Our Patients Believe in a Way Back

First, there was Black Friday. Then Small Business Saturday. THEN Cyber Monday. But today is the greatest gifting day of all — it’s #Giving Tuesday!

We have a day for giving thanks, we have THREE for getting deals, and today’s the day for giving back.  Join this national day of giving by making a donation to Magee!

When you give to Magee, you’re making a gift that quite literally changes lives. Our art therapy program that has helped hundreds and hundreds of patients? Wouldn’t exist without your support. Our wheelchair sports program that provides people living with disabilities in our community an opportunity for fitness, peer support and increased self-esteem? Can’t have it without you. Or how about our facility dog program that provides highly skilled (and furry!) support for patients during their therapy? You guessed it – not possible without your donations.

And that’s not all. Your donations also support programs such as horticultural therapy, staff training and education, recreation therapy, peer mentoring and family support groups, our lifetime follow-up system of care and more.  These programs all make Magee what it is, and allow us to best serve our patients — and we can’t do it without you.

During December we will be bringing you more information about the different programs supported by donations that help our patients believe in a way back. Stay tuned, and thank you for your continued support!

Ready to make a difference? Click here to make your gift to our patients and their families today.

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