Tough Terrain No More: Wheelchair Attachment Aims to Keep You Moving

If you ask any manual wheelchair user about the challenges of getting around, you will most likely hear the same responses: grass, gravel, hills, dirt, snow, and mulch can all be a problem.  For many years, people have tried to come up with solutions to conquer these surfaces, and I came across a new idea that may do just that. It’s called the FreeWheel.

So what is the FreeWheel?  It is a 12” bicycle tire that can attach to a ridged or folding manual wheelchair. It weights about 5 pounds. According to the product’s website, initial installation takes about 15 minutes, and after that, you should be able to clamp the FreeWheel on and off in seconds. When you don’t need the device, it be stored on the back of your chair.  A word of advice: be sure to check the specs of your chair against the product’s website, because there are some limitations on what the FreeWheel can attach to.  The videos below show how the FreeWheel can be used.

I haven’t tried the FreeWheel yet myself, but I came across it online and thought it could be helpful to some folks. Let us know in the comments if you’ve got any creative tips for navigating tricky surfaces. For more information on the FreeWheel, click here.

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